South East Country Weather, Travel info

The weather & climate info of Thailand ( Northeren Chiang Mai, middle Bangkok, Southeren Krabi), Vietnam of Northern Hanoi, middle area of Da Nang, Nah thrang, Phu quoc, Singapore, , West Malaysia (Kuala lumpur, Langkawi, Penang), East Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu), Indonesia ( Jakarta, Bali), Philippines ( Cebu, Boracay)

Vietnam weather & Climate

Vietnam is long land country, Therfore, north & south provicne weather, climate are a little bit different. If you visit to Hanoi on December to the early of March, you should prepare long and a little bit thick clothes.

Phu Quoc weather & Climate

Ho Chi Minh weather & Climate

Da Nang weather & Climate

Hanoi weather & climate

Nha Trang weather & Climate

Da Nang, HaNoi, Nha trang weather, Climate info with Eng Subtitles 

Thailand Weather & climate

Thailand’s north, middle, south province has different climate, rain falls. Chiang Mai has snow, but It has a winter season with low temperature

Chiang Mai weather & climate

Bang Kok weather & climate

Krabi weather & Climate

Malaysia weather & climate

Malaysia would be dividen by East malaysia ( Kota Kinabalu), West Malaysia ( Langkawi, Penang, Kuala lumpur). All provices are summer climate during a year and has a no visiting of typhoon. It has a tropical climate. 

Kuala Lumpur weather & climate

Langkawi weather & Climate

Kota kinabalu weather & climate

Penang weather & Climate

Singapore weather & climate

Singapore is always summer season. You just need to bring summer clothes. In addition, there is a no visiting of typhoon. So, whenever you visit, you could spend safe vacation, traveling. But during the dry season, the short rainning would come. The rainy season is short about 3 months.

Indonesia weather & climate

Here has an tropical climate, summer season in a year. The humidity is about 80%, The typhoon would visit during a rainy season. here I like to share the info of the capital city Jakrta & Bali. These have a different rainy season and rain falls

Jakarta weather & climate

Bali weather & Climate

Philippines weather & climate

It has a tropical martime climate. As like a other south east countries, It is characterized by relatively high temperature, humidity and rain fall during a rainy season. A year weather has 2 seaons of dry & rainy season. It has five kinds of climates : tropical rainforest, monsoon, savanna, humid subtropical and oceanic.

Cebu weather & climate

Boracay weather & Climate