Singapore Covid-19 cases, testing number Vaccine passport,

Singapore Covid-19 cases increased in these days from to 30 cases (mostly local cases) daily. Therefore, The government set the high level social distance police for about 30days . Korea vaccination booking info

  1. Singapore’s Covid-19 cases current situation
  2. The total Singapore Covid-19 cases
  3. Singapore’s Covid-19 testing Number
  4. Singapore Vaccination Information
  5. Singapore’s vaccine passports to be officially launched soon
  6. Status of entry to Singapore
  7. Singapore Covid-19 Travel Information (cruise to nowhere)

Singapore Covid-19 cases current situation


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This is a video of the initial situation of the Singapore Covid-19 cases. It helps you understand the overall things of The Singapore

Singapore covid19 why happened, how over come

The total Singapore Covid-19 cases

The number of cumulative cases checked on the morning of May 19th is 61652 with new 38 cases & the death is total 31.
The number in the red box is the local cases from 5(5) to 18(27) May.


Singapore Covid19 testing Number

Because of the new cases are constantly reported, the Covid-19 PRC testing implemented a lot. It is the number of testing of Covid-19 daily graph.

Singapore Vaccination Information

Singapore is the first vaccination county in Asia, and the Covid-19 vaccination is going well as planned. The first vaccination began on 30 December to the medical & quarantine staffs. During February, transportation workers ( Bus, Taxi etc) were vaccinated. The three Singapore Airlines’ employees are vaccinated . Approximately 1.1 million people were vaccinated against magpies on April 6 and 530,000 completed secondary vaccinations. It is the fastest and highest in Asia.


Singapore vaccine passports to be officially launched soon

Singapore’s vaccine passport preparation has been in place at the government level since December last year, and the system developed by the International Aviation Organization (ITA) has been experimentally used by Singapore Airlines on the Indonesia Jakarta Malaysia <> Kuala Lumpur. The app barcodes contain vaccinations, Covid 19 tests, health and immune information, and are confirmed through a developed app. Singapore is one of the most preparing well the vaccine passport countries, which announced it will be launched on May.

Singapore- Vaccine-Passport-App
Singapore vaccine passport app

Status of entry to Singapore

Entering Singapore is very difficult for travelers. Officially, most of normal travelers can not get Visa except the citizens & permanent resident. The important businessman can apply the Visa, but should have 14 days quarantine isolation. For getting approval entry, the Covid-19 test certification & insurance is essential. Singapore’s entry info in detail


Singapore covid-19 Travel Information (cruise to nowhere)

“Cruise to nowhere” of Singapore is highly popular. . Initially, it was a one-night stay project tour. But many people like this tour way staying on sea freely. The plane tour only has 1-2 hours, but this tour over 3days over the ocean. The passengers are 50% of normal one, and all employees have 14 days quarantine isolation and get the COVID-19 test. It extended the biz schedule until this year in October.


Singapore Covid 19 would be closed in a month, I suppose, for the strong quarantine policy.
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