Seoul walking trail course of Ecological park, its different world ^^

I would like to share information on Seoul walking trail where you can feel healing in nature with a good walking course in the Ecological park. It is also a good Seoul trail walking course that I like to recommend & share the information.

Seoul walking trail “how to go”

As soon as you come out from Exit 3 of the Saetgang Subway Station there is Ankara Park nearby. I first knew that the capital of Turkey was Ankara. It is said to have been created in 1971 when the City of Seoul held a sister association with the city of Ankara, Turkey. Compared to regular parks, there are some unique aspects. This park was built in the 1970s, where are large trees and several art portraits. This Seoul walking trail course is about 10 minutes walking from the station to the Saetgang ecological park
“SaetGang ecological park map address. ”


Traditional wine house in Ankara Park

This Ankara park has a little famous building. Its name is “Turkish vineyard house” The interior is decorated with folklore donated by the city of Ankara, so it feels like a small museum, but nowadays, It would not run during these days of the corona pandemic. It is understood that Ankara is a famous for wine, , which is why it has a vineyard house.

Ankara - Parks - Wine - Houses
Ankara – Parks – Wine – Houses

Seoul walking trail of Saekgang Ecological Park

Reeds and trees are at the beginning of this Ecological Park. You can enjoy walking slowly. It seems to be another place in Seoul city. First, This is the video to show briefly this park in 2 minute to help you figure out this Seoul walking trail place

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Seoul- Date-Kos-Ecological Park

The view & atmosphere

The day we went was around 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, when the sunny spring energy of April was ripe, there were many people walking outdoors even in the Corona pandemic. ,Yeouido station’s cherry blossom & Han river side path are usually crowded. But such a nice nature walking place was not so much many people than I expected. I really hope people to protect well here. Busan Hill Hotel Optimized for Healing

Seoul- Date-Course-Promenade

Wild animals

As the natural ecology is well-preserved, a variety of wild birds live here. There are no amazing where is no bench to sit And I had thought it would be nice to come at night, but when I walked, there were no streetlights. The information says that the lights are not installed to make wildlife grow comfortably. In addition, depending on the season, access is prohibited during breeding season and special times when animals are sensitive.

Ecological Park-wild-animals
Ecological Park – wilds

Necessary information of “Seoul walking trail” here

If you come to this place, there are no chairs, but no trash . For this, please bring a garbage bag, do not bring meals, and bring only water to drink. It is not a normal park created for people, but an ecological area created to protect animals. Also, you should not feed animals, just leave what they are here.

Seoul-ecological- park-notice

Young and old, everyone enjoyed it

I suppose here is also a good walking trail course for a couple, seniors, family with kids, You could see a big building named “Trump world” & big adv panel. The right side of this small river(Saet gang) is complex apartment ares, another side is a highway with many cars. In addition, the right path is for walking, another side path is for biking.


As the word "white moon buddha" says, I would like to visit this beautiful Seoul dating course. Spring is better than summer, and spring begins to become more natural with spring energy. The location is on Google Maps, where you can hit Bygang Station and Bygang Ecological Park. Seaview Hotel Westin Josun, the best in The Shipping University