Seoul December weather, clothes, how much cold

Seoul December weather is the starting winter season when it would have snow. The temperature would be lower 0. I like to explain the winter of Seoul, what you should wear & how much cold with the weather data and pictures.

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Seoul December weather temperature

It is the Seoul December forecasting. There are many days below zero degrees in winter. Because this is forecast weather, the weather forecast is not accurate. However, it is a good resource to understand the climate of Seoul in December.
With reference to this climate data, you can prepare travel clothes. In December, many people look forward to a snowy Christmas.


December Seoul Humidity

In order to properly understand the winter temperature in December in Seoul, you need to know the average monthly humidity. High humidity makes high temperatures feel hotter and low temperatures feel colder. Below is the average monthly average humidity in Seoul. Humidity in Seoul is high in summer and low in winter. Please refer to the humidity in December below and the temperature above to prepare for your trip to Seoul. If you are a traveler from a country where it snows in winter, December in Seoul won’t be too cold. The temperature and climate of this month is similar to December in Tokyo and Beijing.

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Seoul humidity December

What wear clothes, Seoul December?

Seoul December winter clothes refer to the photo below and prepare. You should bring winter shoes and gloves. Just in case, having a hot pack will help you on a sudden cold day. The day after snow is colder than on a snowy day. Wearing too many clothes can make you hot during the day. When you arrive in Seoul, please adjust the amount of clothes you wear according to the weather on the day.

Seoul december wear clothes

Seoul precipitation

Average monthly rainfall in Seoul. When the temperature is below 0 degrees, it is snow, and when it is above 0 degrees, it is rain. December is the dry season. There is a low probability of rain or snow. If there is a lot, it will rain 2 or 3 times or snow.
The rainy season in Seoul is July and August, and typhoons sometimes come at this time. The winter season in Seoul is from December to the end of March.

Seoul december snow fall

Seoul monthly temperature

Seoul has a climate with four distinct seasons. Summers are as hot as those in Southeast Asia. It snows in winter. Similar to the winter period in Beijing in China and Tokyo in Japan. Seoul’s spring (April-June) and fall (September-November) are the best times to travel because they are neither cold nor hot, and the precipitation is low.

Seoul monthly temperature

Korea esim

In Korea, from September 2022, the government has officially allowed the use of esim. If your phone supports esim, it will be more convenient to buy esim than to buy a sim card.

Seoul December weather is warmer than January & February. In addition, there are many events would happen for chiris max & new year.