Post paid Korea sim card & Prepaid, price, how to get

Post paid Korea sim card & Prepaid Korea sim card

Post paid Korea sim card & Prepaid Korea sim card has some difference. . As a Korean, I like to explain the differences, and the price of them. In addition, where, how to buy them.

Prepaid sim card in Korea & Price

In order to buy the prepaid sim card in Korea, you just need a passport. It is a sort of sim card for travelers or short staying visitors.
The longest valid time term is 3months. The price is a bit more expensive than Post paid Korea sim card. Usually,

Where to buy Korea Prepaid sim card?

There are 2 ways which I like to suggest buying it. First one is you could buy it in the Airport. In front of arrival gate, You could find easily. Korea has 3 telecom company, SK, KT, LG. The quality & price is almost similar. The second way is to buy it in a Convenience store in Airport or on the street. The Second way is cheaper about 10~20% than the first way. If you were short staying visitors, I like you recommend buy it in the Airport. Because time is more valuable than money in short traveling. You also can buy it through inter-net.


Korea Prepaid sim-card price

It is the price in the Airport shops. Korea-sim card companies sometimes do sales event, therefore, the price will be different a little as you buy. The Korea prepaid sim card in the convenience would be cheaper about 10%. You have a tight schedule of traveling or something, It is not bad choice to purchase it in the Airport.


What you need to buy it

In order to buy Post Paid sim card in Korea, you normally need 2 documents. One is ARC(Alien register card), another one is your own bank account in Korea. In addition, you could not purchase it with a traveling visa. With as like working or studying visa, you could buy it. The post paid sim card has no limited time term use.

Post paid sim card price , how to buy?

There are many MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) companies to sell KT, SK, LG sim card. You could buy it usually regular phone shops also at convenience stores. Another way is through online. You do not need to visit. You just need to fill out the form and scan your apply from and your ARC card (Back & front side). It is good for saving time and the price is also usually cheaper than off-line shops.


Korea sim card shop of online

If you like to buy a Korea Post paid sim card by that price, you could contact to the below information.
You do not need to visit to shop. You only need to download the application > fill out it > scan them > send it by JPG or PDF file. >Done finish
Korea Sim card application 4pages
You also can contact directly : MP: 010-9992-5910. Katok: a5719, or Facebook id: Korea mobile phone info

Conclusion to Korea sim card

To buy traveling prepaid sim card in Korea, You are better use Airport shops. But if you stay longer than 3 months in Korea with ARC card, it is better to buy a post paid sim card through the online. If you like to know more details, please leave the message here or Facebook etc. Korea travel info