Phuket old town where to eat, 100 years, 60 years, nice restaurants

Phuket old town where to eat is many travellers’ question. I stayed here about 15 days and visited the famous local food restaurants with nice price and taste. here we go

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Phuket old town where to eat

When I first arrived, I thought it was famous for beaches and tourism. During my trip to Phuket, I met a Korean-American. His joy in travelling is food, so this guy has a lot of knowledge and experience with Thai food and restaurants. This person recommended me a restaurant in Phuket old town. We went together. The noodles at the restaurant he introduced are really delicious and cheap. Through this person, I learned again that one of the charms of travelling to Phuket is the cheap and delicious food. as like Malaysia Penang. This is the Phuket restaurant experience video introduced today. Next time I plan to introduce to you two restaurants recommended by Michelin guide. It has English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean subtitles. This video would be a good answer to Phuket old town where to eat?

Phuket old town where to eat

100-year-old and 60-year-old stores in Phuket

The first restaurant we went was a famous local restaurant. 100 years old, this one is called SomChit. We ordered three bowls of noodles. The Korean who recommended this restaurant to me said that one of the greatest joys of traveling is food. He tried the mixed noodles first, and then immediately ordered noodles with soup. He ate two noodles and was very satisfied. I had a shrimp noodle soup, which was delicious. I took a closer look inside the restaurant. And I was surprised to learn that this restaurant is over 100 years old. This restaurant opened in 1892 and has been passed down for four generations. The shop next door is Mee Tom Poe, which also has many customers. The restaurant next door opened in 1949 and is a famous restaurant. This is the main restaurant and there are two branches. This place has been in business for three generations.

Phuket old town where to eat
Phuket old town Mee ton Poe

Cheap, nice restaurants

Phuket old town “SomChit” is famous for its noodles. If you look at the characteristics of local old restaurants, the menu is very simple. This seems to be a characteristic of old restaurants in China, Japan, Europe and most places. This way administrative costs are reduced to provide dishes cheaply and the chefs can focus on what they do best. This time we had 2 shrimp soup noodles and 1 dry noodles. The price of noodles here is divided into 55 baht, 70 baht or 80 baht depending on the quantity. I recommend ordering the 55 baht side for women and 70 baht for men. Customers can choose noodle type from five types of noodles.

Phuket old town food pri

Phuket old town “Mee ton Poe”

Phuket old town Mee ton Poe next door’s popular menu is the Pork curry satay We were full so just ordered the famous pork curry satay. It’s great to eat with beer. It’s also delicious and cheap. The price of satay is in the video. Basic price starts from 60 baht for 10 pieces.

Location of two Somchit & mee ton poe

Phuket Old Town is the most many travellers visit.  Most travellers eat at the restaurants on that street. My recommended Phuket gourmet restaurants are about 10 to 15-minute walk from the bustling street. The clock tower can be seen on the map below. Both restaurants are located near the clock tower. Travellers can easily find it using Google Maps. I share the Google map address below. r6

Phuket old town clock tower
Clock tower

Phuket old town history

It is Thailand’s largest island, and its economy has developed through international trade since the 16th century. Especially after the 19th century, European powers invaded Asia, and workers from China and India migrated here one after another. Specifically as many Chinese labourers were from Malaysia Penang, to develop tin mines, the area gained greater charm with its beautiful natural scenery, beaches, and diverse culture, food, and religion. It’s impressive to see people of all shapes and colours living together in harmony and speaking the same language. With tin prices falling sharply, rubber and palm trees are now the main sources of income. You can see a lot of jungle destroyed by palm and rubber trees. Animals cannot live in rubber and palm forests. This is also where economic development has taken place.

Phuket history, culture
Chinese descendants

Phuket travel information

There are popular beaches, Patong Beach and Karon Beach, while Khao Mai Beach and Layan Beach are famous for their beauty. Monkey Mountain, where you can see monkeys, is a famous tourist route. The biggest festival is the Phuket Vegetarian Festival, which is the largest religious event for the local Chinese descendants

Famous local delicacies are Khao Phat: fried rice (limited to chicken, shrimp, pork, various vegetables), Pad Thai; fried noodles, Poo Pad Pong curry: crab stir-fry and cafe.

Especially around Phuket Old Town, there are many cafes and restaurants that are 100 to 50 years old. Next time, I will share information about two Phuket restaurants recommended by the Michelin Guide.

Phuket michellin guide restaurant
Phuket michellin guide restaurant

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