Phuket monkey hill, good trekking, how to go, location, entrance fee

Phuket monkey hill is a famous & good trekking spot. The location of it is not far from the Phuket old town and can be reached on foot. The best thing is that there are groups of monkeys welcoming you. There are dogs too.

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Phuket monkey hill, good trekking

 If you like walking, this is a good choice. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from Phuket Old town. The hill height is not high also not so much low. It would take 30 minutes from the entrance to the top. The nature enviroment is also not bad, you could find some wild animal as well many monkeys. This is my video which I visit there with Phuket local friend. I like to express appreciate her to show and guide me so nicely.

Phuket monkey hill from the bottom to the top

Phuket monkey hill how to go, location

There are two main areas where Phuket tourists choose to stay. One is Potong, a downtown area with beaches, and the other is Phuket Old Town. People who come to Phuket for the first time would decide a accommodation in Potong, while people who have visited Phuket a few times would select accommodation near the old town. The old town has a lot to see, cheap and famous restaurants. Instead, there is no beach. I stayed in Phuket for more than 10 nights this time. The original plan was to go to Photong after a few days, but I had stayed in the old town for 15 nights. Because there are many interesting places and restaurants in Phuket Old Town. The time on the map is the time taken by car. If you stayed in the old town, you could there by walking, but if you stayed in Po tong area, you should take a grab or rend a moto bike. (Google map address of Phuket Monkey hill)

Phuket monkey hill how to go

Phuket Monkey hill Time, Entrance Fee

This is a kind of citizen park, so it is basically open 24 hours a day. But most tourists go there in the morning or afternoon. There are no tickets sold here either. I think the best time to visit is between 8-9 am. Because it will be very hot after 11 am. If you go in the morning, the morning air in the mountains is cooler. It will be a bit hotter if you go here in the afternoon. You are not allowed to drive any special vehicles from the entrance. I guess there are a lot of monkeys and dogs here, and the management here does not allow tourists to ride motorcycles or drive in. The top area of it also is managed by some public office.

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Phuket monkey hill monkeys

Things to know

It is recommended not to feed the animals when you visit this place. This is because human food is very toxic and contains a large amount of chemicals, which destroys the habits of wild animals. Since there are so many monkeys, it is best not to bring bags or plastic bags that may irritate them. When you arrive at the entrance, you can buy food for the monkeys. We recommend that you do not purchase in order to keep the monkeys in their wild habits as much as possible. At present, the mountain they live in is not big enough to give them enough food, so for now, the local government provides them with food. This is very abnormal in terms of natural ecology. It seems to me that the monkey numbers will increase but the living space is getting destroyed. Going down the mountain, I felt this problem. I just hope they have a good time with their dogs.

Phuket monkey hill top view

Phuket interesting history

It has been an international trade port since the 16th century. With the development of tin mines in the 19th century, a large number of Chinese workers came in via Penang, Malaysia. Most of them are located in the Fujian region of southern China. Therefore, many dishes in Phuket restaurants are influenced by the Fujian region of China. And if you look at the buildings in Phuket Old Town that are more than 100 years old, their architectural style is very similar to that of George Town, Penang, Malaysia. In Phuket, you can experience a variety of ethnic groups, cultures and cuisines, including Chinese, Malaysian, Thai and Portuguese. This is the so-called Peranakan culture. If you also visit the Phuket Peranakan Museum you will discover new and interesting history.

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