Phu Quoc islands hopping tour price, booking, what you must know

Phu Quoc islands hopping tour is the most popular one here. The price of it is very reasonable (22usd$) & about 6 hours tour. I like to share the information of how to book, what types and the useful advices of it.

Phu quoc night market with en subtitles.

Phu Quoc islands hopping tour price

First of all, about types. I found 3 types on the Internet. 1) The Group tour with big ships, 2) small speed boats and 3) VIP ons. I was a solo traveler, so I chose the group hopping tour. In addition, It was the rainy and the low season, there are not many travelers. Therefore, I expected that although this is a group, but there would not be many people join, My expectation was correct. lets watch the video of Phu Quoc hopping tour from start to end of it. My tour was 22$

The types of islands hopping tour

Here is a few types of it. You can chose among of them. According to the tour hours, how many islands to visit, transportation cars etc. the price is a little bit different This tours have a pick-up & sending back service to your hotel. So, The group tour would take much time to pick up & send. So, Inthe high season, the group tour would not be a good choice.

Phu Quoc islands  hopping tour price

Booking of Pho Quoc islands hopping tour

There are 3 ways. 1) traveling agency in the city booking 2) Website booking on the internet, 3) Hopping tour company office offline booking. All booking price are same. I did it at the this islands hopping tour company named “Johns tour’ as above picture. I am telling you this company website, you could book tours. I did booking at the booking office of Johns tour. It is easy to find through google map. It is located at nearby downtown.

Phu quoc islands hopping tour booking office

What you must know for this tour

Prepare big towel or long shirts to protect the coldness. Expecially, in the rainy season, during the tour, you would feel chilly by rain and wind. So, it is better for you to prepare big towel or rain coat, etc in cases.

In advanced, I already noticed that Pick-up, sending transporation service is good of Group tour, but It also take your time a lot to pick up & send to each person hotels by big bus. In my case, It was low season that no so manay people joined. But It took no small time for that. So, as you were at peak seaon, it would be a good choice to take more high level tour and check booking situation. how many people would join to your tour.

Phu quoc islands hoppiing tour

Phu Quoc air port info ( Tansporation to hotel, sim card, exchang money)

Phu Quoc has no public bus. People usually use Taxi, rental bike or resort hotel subbtle bus. Usually, from the airport to hotel, travelers would use Taxi. Becasue, here Taxi do grab service. No many private car do grab service.

Airport sim card. Sometimes, there is no sim card box shop. So, people usually buy a sim card in the downtown. It is better for you to prepare in advance. here is esim discount site.

First purchasing 15% discount

From second purchasing 10% discount

travel esim discount

Exchange money. if you could not find a money shop, there is a exchange money shop at 3 floor, departure area. If knew the Phu quco airprt how to use, it would save your time and effort. here we go!

(En subtitles included)

Phu Quco islands hopping tour is the great tours I have joined. I hope you do not miss it!