Phi Phi island one day tour, price, course how to book, agency info

Phi Phi Island one day tour is the most popular tour among Phi Phi Island tourists. I spent 6 days and 5 nights. I like sharing the entire information about this tour, such as price, process, and related travel agency information.

How to go from Krabi to Phi Phi island

Phi Phi island one day tour

I booked the itinerary for the fourth day, participated on the fifth day, and left for Phuket the next day. Originally I planned to stay here for about 3 nights. The reason why I stayed two more nights was to watch the beautiful sunset here. However, because it was the rainy season, I couldn’t enjoy it properly. On sunny days I feel tired, and do not go out. When I went out to watch the sunset, it was cloudy, and couldn’t see clearly. When travelling to Southeast Asia during the rainy season, it seems wise to tailor your itinerary to the weather conditions. During the Krabi travelling, I found out that discovered that Phi Phi island’s Maya bay was the DiCaprio’s movie “The Beach” location, 23 years ago. I suddenly wondered how beautiful it was. My curiosity was greatly aroused, and I decided to travel to Phi Phi island. This is a review video of our trip to Phi Phi Islands. It will be of great help you want to try this tour. It has 4 language subtitles of En, Jp, Ch, Kr.

Phi Phi island one day tour review

Phi Phi Island Travel Prices

There are many types of Phi Phi Island tours. Because the island is far away from the city, the water is clear and beautiful with many beautiful islands. There are also special night snorkelling tours. To fully see the entire Phi Phi island, you should rent a Kayak or book a Taxi boat. Generally, Southeast Asia tours take about half a day, but this tour is whole day one. The price is around,1500BTH( around USD 50$) . If you negotiate well, you can get 1000BTH, but it may be difficult during peak seasons. This price includes a national park entrance fee of 400 baht. The admission fee is relatively expensive. This is equivalent to about 14 US dollars, but in order to protect the beautiful nature, I would take a sort of donation of environment.

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Phi Phi island down street Mac Donald
Tour guest waiting place

Phi Phi Island one day tour itinerary

Normally, island hopping tours in Southeast Asia will go to about 4 places, but this tour group will go to about 8 places. Departing around 9:30 in the morning and returned to the island around 7:00 Pm. The following are the passengers who participated in this tour. It would be more convenient if I prepare aqua shoes. Wearing slippers is not good for safety.

Phi Phi island one day tour

The content in the yellow box on the left is the tour itinerary, and the content on the right is supplementary instructions. Because of the rain and big waves, our boat was unable to go to Mosquito Island and Monkey Island. The main purpose of my trip was the Maya Bay beach where DiCaprio filmed, and the rest were supporting roles. So due to the weather, we skipped a few spots and felt okay and contented ourselves with ending the tour safely.

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Phi Phi Island one day tour itinerary

Phi Phi Island Travel Agency Information

Koh Phi Phi down town was very small & intensive. You could find many travel agencies, currency exchange offices and restaurants. I spent about three days observing downtown Phi Phi Island. And, I purchased this tour and ferry ticket to Phuket at this Phi Phi travel agency. Because this travel agency gave me about 10% discount. I told the travel agency owner that I would introduce his company. The owner of this travel agency decided to give a 10% discount to travellers who viewed my videos and blog information. This travel agency is about a 3-minute walk from the McDonald’s pictured above. It’s easy to find if you watch the video. The travel agency is open from 8 am to 9 pm.

Phi Phi island travelling agency

DiCaprio Maya Beach personal review

There is a Maya Beach in Maya Bay. The island itself is beautiful. To be honest, I personally think the beaches on Krabi Hong Island is more beautiful. However, just the fact that DiCaprio shot the film 23 years ago makes the visit interesting. One thing to keep in mind when visiting this place is that tourists are not allowed in the sea of Maya beach. I think this is probably to protect the beach and leave it to future generations as it is. If you compare Maya beach now to Playa Maya 23 years ago, you will find that they are almost the same. After visiting of Maya Bay, visitors can enjoy snorkelling in the ocean very close to Maya Beach. The seawater was really clean. But It is pity hard to find healthy corals.

PhiPhi island one day tour maya beach
Maya Bay

Phi Phi Island trip spot

The island itself is quite not small, but has very limited flat land for people to live on. Since Phi Phi Island has no many place to hang around. The most famous tourist attractive spot is “View point”. It takes about 30 minutes to walk from the city. There is an observation deck on the top of the mountain to climb to the top. The scenery here is very beautiful, so it is a must-visit place for tourists. I like you visit there about 5 Pm. It would not so hot. The middle part of the photo is the city center.

Koh phiphi island view point
Phi Phi island view point

Phi Phi island esim card discount info

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Phi Phi island one day tour is worthy. But be care well about the weather during the rainy season.