Phi Phi island downtown prices, view point you must visit

Phi Phi Island prices are about 10 to 20% more expensive than prices on land. Most tourists to Phi Phi Island stay around in the downtown. I stayed here 5 nights and share the effective trip information.

Phi Phi island 5 night trip info ( How to go, tour)

Phi Phi island view point you must go

Phi Phi island downtown prices

Phi Phi Island itself is not very small, but the living area is relatively small. Therefore, most tourists here eat, shop, exchang money, use ATM and book tours in the downtown. I stayed this downtown 6 days and  this video includes descriptions of restaurants, cheap price supermarkets, famous seafood restaurants, massage prices, hospitals, pharmacies, and the seaside. If you are planning to travel to Phi Phi Island, this information will be of effective help to you. This video has Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean subtitles.

Phi Phi island downtown prices

Phi Phi island seafood, seafood, massage prices, etc

Through this photo, you can know the price of Phi Phi Island. This is an average restaurant meal price on the island. There are cheaper restaurants here than this one. Dishes that are cheaper than this restaurant are about 90 to 80% of the price. If you eat in a common restaurant in Krabi or Phuket, the price of such a dish is about 80 to 100 baht. There are cheaper restaurants too. In the early morning, you can find cheaper meals which local people buy.

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Phi Phi island price

Phi Phi island sea foo, massage price

This is the price of dishes at the famous seafood restaurant in Phi Phi Island. In the video above, there are two seafood restaurants with similar prices. If you order fish, shellfish, they will cook them. The Price of them is a litttle higher than Krabi sea food restaurants, but Taste is good.

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Phi Phi island seafood prices

You can find easily massage shops on the Phi Phi island downtown. The price is almost the same. You may find the different price shops, but the gap is not so much.

Phi Phi island massage price

Phi Phi island view point, you must visit

In Phi Phi Island, there are not many tourist attractions where you can go by walking. If you want to see the attractions, you have to use a boat. The price of using a boat is not cheap, so most of the tourists here leave after 2–3 days. The view point of Phi Phi Island is not far from the downtown by walking. I went here twice. Because I wanted to see the sunset but it didn’t happen. Because the period I was there was the rainy season. This video also introduces the bars where you can enjoy sunset. I guess, this is the only one sunset bar near to the downtown. In the below video, I organized 6 days experience of here downtown.

Phi Phi island view point

This is my guide of Phi Phi island view point you must go ( ex: ticket price, sunset bar. location etc)

Phi Phi island view point you must go

Phi Phi island sunset bar

To watch the sun rising, sun set are not easy. Usually, travelers can watch the sunset by tour. As I know, there is the one sunset bar nearby the downtown. The name is “Bob bar”. You can see the details from the above video. If you like to see the Phi Phi island sunset, I like to recommend this bar.

Phi Phi island sunset bar

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Phi Phi island downtown prices is a little higher than land but is not so much. Phi Phi island view point is worthy visiting.