Penang Travel! 

Penang George  Town is the  most popular places established 200years ago. This shows well the harmony of the past culture & present. Every years, many visitors would gather here over the world

Penang Thai temple, Fort Cornwallis, Gurney drive are popular places to visitors here 

Penang Travelng Hot spots

Penang Thai, Burma Temple

One places has 2 temples. You can experience the South-East Buddism

Penang Fort Cornwallis

Penang Fort Cornwallis was built in 1600s by Brith army. Amazing!

Penang night market

The Gurney Drive is the  biggest Penang night market.

Penang Green house

The house of richest in Penang. Now It become a museum.

Penang Exchange info

Penang Exchange money Street

Penang Food Street

Kimberly is the largest Penang food street. Do not miss it!

Penang nice restaurant

Only for breakfast & lunch. Taste? I visited here 2 times. No need to explan

Penang Shopping

The Gureny Plaza is the biggest shopping mall in Penang.  

Penang Massage

Very reasonable price & good skill message staff massage shop

Penang private traveing info

Penang Grab

Penang Airport

Penang Price

Penang nice restaurant, coffee shop, weather etc…… 

Penang Korean Restaurant

From Langkawi to Penang

Penang Cafe

Penang India restaurant

Wine noodle