LG Bluetooth earphone HBS-510 specifications & user review about 4 months

LG Bluetooth earphone HBS-510 has some good and bad points. I have been using it about 4 months. Here, I would like to share the info of it with specification, and others’ review also.

  • Why LG Bluetooth earphone HBS-510 Choice
  • HBS-510 Advantages
  • LG bluetooth earphone HBS-510 bad points
  • Collection of reviews
  • HBS-510 Components

Why I did choice of LG Bluetooth Earphone HBS-510

I had used a LG Bluetooth earphones, before as like below picture. I used it about 4 years. But the battery could not run well, So have bought a LG new one. During 4 year with it, I felt so satisfied, So at this time, I decided to buy HBS-510 with a good cost-performance.


LG HBS-510 Advantages

I usually use the headset for a language studying as like English or Japanese. So, I did not need to buy a high sound quality one.
I have used the LG HBS about 4 months. Here I made a brief of good Points.
1) The Price : it is about USD $40. Among of LG Bluetooth earphones, It belongs to low price with a good quality
2) The sound quality is good enough for phone or listening to the news
3) The weight is light: Sometimes, I forget to wear it.
4) Long running time: I would usually charge it per about 4 days.


LG HBS-510 specifications

This is the main specification content of it. When buying wireless earphones, chip version, weight, usage time, etc. are important. The Bluetooth version of it is 4.1, which is sufficient for earphones. The charging in spec is 2 hours. But I felt is to be less than 2 hours. The Performance range is about 10 m. The weight is 1.1 oz(30g). The Built-in Multifunction remote is not working well in my experience of it. But the single remote function is okay


LG Bluetooth Earphone HBS-510 bad ponits

I made of brief of the advantages of it, here I would sort the bad points of it during 4 months usage to HBS-510.
1) Sound quality: This is the most commonly mentioned from the users. it does not provide the high-quality sound quality.
2) The earphone lines: Suddenly, too much force on the earphone straps can be damaged.
3) You can connect two at the same time, depending on the device, it may or may not work. One connection is definitely
no problem
4) The holding earphone straps are easily damaged. Please refer to the below pictures

Collection of reviews

I used it for about four months, but I used only one product, and I share the reviews of others so that my posting review could be more objective. Among of many reviews, I would like to share the three recent reviews. that contain the most common content as follows: I’ve reviewed more than 10 reviews to buy Elsie products, and there’s a lot of commonality about sound quality, and for the most part, it’s unreasonable to want sound quality at this price. I made a purchase to study the language and it’s a bit of a complaint about the sound quality, but I don’t have any complaints. This is a low-to-middle product suitable for living, studying, and working.


LG HBS0-510 Components

There is no charger in the product components but, Charging cables, earphone covers, cable.


LG Bluetooth earphones HBS-510 was reviewed about the spec, price, quality etc. I like it to be helpful for you to make a good purchasing.

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