Langkawi to Krabi by Satun ferry, bus, ticket cost, time

Langkawi to Krabi travel overland has three main borders. Satun, (Satun), Pedang Besar (Pedang Besar), and Dan nok. I had tried 3 all. (Dannock). Satun way is the best way to save time, money and Safe. Here we go!

Langkawi to Krabi by bus, Satun ferry time

To go Satun ferry terminal border, you should take a ferry of Langkawi jetty point. The ferry ticket fee is 45Rm. This ticket would. not sell on line. Therefore, you must go the ticket place of jetty point ( Langkawi ferry termnial). Time schedule is 09:30. So it is better for you to arrive there about 08:00 to avoid sold out. Actually, I would book a langkawi ferry ticket earlier than one day. Here is the video from Langkawi ferry ticket place to Krabi hostel with English subtitles

Langkawi Satun ferry

The Langkawi Ferry Terminal Jetty Point is located at West side. You can find it by google or grab map with ” Langkawi Jetty point”. Here has an another one named Telaga. Travelers usually take grab to arrive at the Jetty point, the cost would be 10~30Rm according to your hotel location. At most would not be over 40Rm.

Langkawi Jetty point tieck box

Langkawi, Krabi bus

From Krabi to go Langkawi, From satun to Krabi, there is a express bus. You can buy the bus ticekt from Satun to Krabi at the Satun ferry terminal traveling agency as in a above youtube video. The Price is 550BH( 22$). You also buy the ticekt at Satun Bus terminal far about 15 minutes by car from this terminal. But I recommend you to use convenient way to save time & effort. Becasue the ticket price is not so high, and I hope that traveling agency last long for travelers. Acutal it is helpful to the first visiting travelers. It is selling tickets to Cosamui, Kho Lipe (about 1200 BH), Phu khet (about 600BH), even Bangkok.

Satun ferry terminal travel agency

Krabi bus terminal

When traveling to Southeast Asia, it’s a good idea to know the name of the downtown area of your destination. The krabi bus terminal is a little far from the down town (named Ao nang). There are 2 ways to use Grab or Local taxi. If you were alone, It is better to use Taxi. I used a grab from the bus terminal to Ao nang (costed 270BH). If you were with someone, it would be better to use grab. It is easy to catch the grab.

Krabi Taxi

Langkawi to Krabi ticket cost

Ferry ticket price to Satun, Thailand: 45BH

Bus fare from Satun to Krabi: 550Bh

Grab of Krabi Bus Terminal to down town: 270 Bh

Hope it to be useful info to you who like to travel the southeren Thailand & Malaysia.