Kuala Lumpur travel information

Kuala Lumpur weather information 3 mintues Video. 
*Kuala Lumpur  detail weather monthly wearing, rainy season etc

Kuala Lumpur Shopping

Malaysia Shopping lists 18th

You can see what is 18th shopping list 
* The detail of Shopping lists

Kuala Lumpur shopping list

“Vincci” is the most popular band for woman in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur tour course

Kuala Lumpur night market

Kuala Lumpur “Janan Alo” is the biggest & most famous night market
*Malaysai Food 80th

Kuala lumpur fountain show

The night view of fountain show is nice

Kuala lumpur bukit bingtang

Bukkit Bintang is the most popular down street for shopping , food and see-sighting 

Malaysia Kuala lumpur travel info

Kual lumpur food, tranportation, airport, price etc..

Local food

Kuala lumpur bak kut teh is you must eat!

Kuala lumpur airport

Kual lumpur airport is complicated here get some information.. 

Airport Transportaion

Malay kual lumpur “grab” how to use 
*how to use well Grab at airport

Local food, hotels recommend

Malaysia Laksa

Malaysia Laksa is also local food, you should experience

Chilly Crab

Kuala lumpur chilly crab is famous
*For the detail of it

Good price hotel

Hotel price about $40 including breakfast, swimming pool 

Kuala Lumpur Price

Malaysia price is higher than thai lower than Singapore

Kual Lumpur Exchange shop

Good exchange rate kuala lumpur money shop 

Malaysia Transportation

How to use the Subway from Kuala lumpur airport to downtown