Krabi tiger cave temple, history, things to see, ticket, time, location

Krabi tiger cave temple is the place monk did meditation. Here are three things which you must see, but many tourists only would one and misses two. Because they would visit here without basic important information here.

Krabi tiger cave temple

Krabi tiger cave temple

Krabi is famous for its hopping island tours, mountain hiking, and rock climbing. It is the most famous tourist destination. At first, I went in without enough acknowledgement here, so I overlooked a lot, so I had visited here twice. But finally I found that I still missed one spot to see. This YouTube video I edited with general information and my review. You would not miss any spots you should visit. It is with En, JP, Ch, Kr subtitles.

Krabi tiger cave temple detail info video

Krabi Tiger Cave Temple history

At first I thought it was just a tourist attraction, but later I found out that this is where many monks received their training and education. The overall atmosphere is different from ordinary tourism places. According to Google and EBS video footage, the place was originally founded by a monk in 1955.  The history said that this monk had a tigress who stayed with him and gave birth to a tiger who suddenly disappeared when the baby tiger grew up. The monk built a temple and named it Tiger Cave Temple.. The official name of this place is Wat Tham. Seua Kra. You could  see Thai monk in the video., explaining the origin of this place.

Thing to see of Krabi tiger cave

Three are 3 things are worth seeing: 1) the temple on the mountain, 2) the Tiger Cave Temple, and 3) the forest and limestone temple below the mountain. Many people just come to see the temples on the mountain. Climbing up and down more than 1,200 stairs can be tiring. Especially during the dry season, people will sweat a lot, If they go there on a sunny afternoon. Because travellers would feel so tired after watching the temple on the top. they usually like to go back quickly and have a good rest. So, they would miss 2 great spots worth visiting. In addition you can see beautiful forests, giant trees and stunning 200 million year old limestone carvings. Millions of years of water droplets have carved wavy patterns into the limestone.

Krabi tiger cave temple nature

Krabi tiger cave temple ticket & time of opening

If you look at the website or various information, it will be difficult to find the opening hours of this place. The business hours are as follows: it can be said that it is open 24 hours a day. Open to women from 5am to 6:30pm. It starts to get dark here after 6pm. The granite temples and forests introduced above are difficult to see and walk when it gets dark after 6 pm. And since there are many monks, it is best to leave around 6 pm to let them rest. I like you visit there early in the morning, a little cool temperature.

Krabi tiger cave temple open timee

Location & how to go

I have been staying here for about 20 days now. At first, I thought it was a small fishing village, but it is not. It is very big, so I was a little confused. When I first arrived, I didn’t know how to get to my hostel. It is said that before the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of tourists to this place was about 7 million. . Many come from Europe, the Middle East and India. If you want to see the location, just do google searching “Krabi tiger cave temple” on Google Maps. I rented a scooter and went there twice.  If you take a taxi here, the fare is about 500 baht, which is about 18 US dollars. I think they charge a round trip fee. The price of Grab is about US$10, and the price of Grab motorcycle is about US$7. If you are travelling alone or with a friend, I think it is best to borrow a motorcycle at about 10$ from 8 am to 9pm.

Krabi grab price to cave temple

Krabi Tiger Cave Temple ticket price

There are basically no tickets required here. When I first entered, I looked for where to pay the ticket, but I didn’t expect it to be free. Probably because this is where monks practice. Maybe, this is a religious place. I’m impressed. What’s even more amazing is that the prices in the surrounding shops and restaurants are very reasonable. Basically, since this is the most popular area, I thought restaurants & shops to be expensive. So, before coming, I ate out, the store prices were lower than convenience stores, and the restaurants were much cheaper than downtown stores. A can of Coke costs about $0.50. I was very grateful, so I donated twice. Although the amount was not large, when you come in, if you donate a little to the monk at the door, he will carefully make a beautiful lucky bracelet for you. At first, I was a little confused because I didn’t know what it was. Every time I see the bracelet, I feel very good and comfortable.

Donation of Krabi temple

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Krabi Tiger Cave Temple is a place where you can enjoy the sublimity of religion and the natural scenery of 200 million years at the same time. Through the temple, I felt a religious power that was not materialistic, and I felt healed both physically and mentally as I looked at nature rooted in ancient forests and limestone. I recommend you visiting.