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Krabi Night Market is a popular destination for many tourists. The price is fair with various kinds of food. I’ve been in Krabi for about 20 days. I like to recommend you to visit, it is worth visiting.

Krabi night market

I applied for a Krabi kayaking trip. This tour has 3 programs. The first is jungle kayaking, the second is watching the sunset by the sea, and the last is visiting the night market. I come back from about 5:30 pm to the night market 2️⃣ 8:00 pm. At first, I was a little afraid and thought that the price would be as high as Korea because it was a famous tourist spot, but the price was lower than the tourist area of the city. There is also a wide variety of seafood and many types of food. The place is by the sea, so the seafood is fresh. The ingredients are fresh and delicious. The vegetables here are especially delicious. This is a video review of my visit to Krabi Night Market, including prices, food, types of drinks, shopping information.

Krabi night market

Krabi Night Market food types

Among the photos I took, this is my favourite night market photo. A Swedish friend visited with an Indian friend. When I saw my Swedish friend, he was thinking about what to eat. After wandering here for about 10 minutes, you will find yourself dazzled. There is a wide variety of food, including tempura, vegetables, beef, chicken, pork, clams, shrimp, seafood, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, fusion, Western and Thai regional cuisine. In particular, there are many skewer dishes. In Korea, they only serve pork and chicken and some vegetables, but here, they have a variety of seafood skewers (shrimp, squid, etc.). I think it’s really good for drinking here also. The disadvantage is that there is a small variety of pork. There are many Muslims in southern Thailand. Many Middle Eastern tourists come to visit. If pork were used as raw material, Middle Easterners would not have come close at all. Since a large proportion of travellers come from the Middle East, there seem to be few places to eat pork as food. And I didn’t see lamb or food.

krabi night market food

Krabi Night Market seafood prices

Probably many travelers like to eat here seafoods. Surrounded by less polluted oceans, it was a well-known tourist destination before the coronavirus pandemic, with about 7 million visits a year. Mainly from Europe, the Middle East and India. Since tourism is a major industry, they seem to be doing a good job in environmental management. The seafood of the night market mainly includes fish, clams, shrimp, small squid, crabs and so on. I only saw one shop selling lobster. The fish is mainly sold in the form of barbecue, but there are also a variety of spicy foods made with a variety of seafood, vegetables and local spices, such as Pattaya salad. Southeast Asia is famous for its spices, so I think it’s strange, the taste and aroma of spices is few, but the spicy taste is strong. Recently, I feel that the local dishes in southern Thailand are more spicy than Bangkok & Chiang Mai. Krabi Night Market seafood prices are generally around 100 baht to 200 baht. It’s about $4 to $7. If it is expensive, 300 baht. A grilled fish costs around $7. You can see more details in the video.

Krabi night market seasfood price

location, how to go

Here is two main downtown areas. Krabi city centre and Ao Nang. Most travellers stay in Ao Nang. There is a wide variety of hotels, resorts, and accommodation here, and prices are kept at a certain level as they are crowded together and competitive. From Ao Nang, 10 minutes by car. Usually, a taxi here costs around $3. Many travellers also rent a motorbike and often go there. Renting a motorbike here starts at around $7. If you use Google map, you are easy to find. To search for “Ao nang night landmark Market”. I provide the Google map address below. The photo below shows a local taxi. You need to state your destination in advance and confirm the cost. Google Maps location:

Ao Nang night landmark market

Shopping at Krabi Night Market

Not only is the food great, but the shopping area is as big as the food area, selling a variety of local produce and traveler-friendly items. I went to the gift shop twice with the traveller here, and I felt cheaper compared to the shop prices here. Maybe it’s because it’s off-season. So, if you’re here, it’s also a good idea to buy a gift. However, if you want coffee, dried fruit or chocolate candy as a gift, I recommend going to the supermarket here. For shopping at Krabi Night Market, please refer to the video information above for more.

Krabi night market shopping

Useful information

It was the low season in the video. But during the busy season, especially in December, It would be very crowd. So I recommend you arrive there between 6 pm to 6:30 pm. Usually between 7 Pm to 9 Pm would be many people. If there were many people, you are not easy to find empty table to eat. Open time is 3:30 pm, close at 12:00.

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Hope you have a happy time at Krabi night market!