Krabi local market, how to go, food price, open time

Krabi local Market is located not far from the tourist area, Ao Nang. But tourists usually go to nearby night markets. I highly recommend this place if you want to enjoy delicious, varied and cheap local food. 

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Kirabi local market

Krabi is a big city, so there are several traditional markets. But the closest market from the down town street named “Ao Nang” is hers. The English name in Google is “Ao nang local market”. When visiting this traditional market, please note that the places are different depend on the which day . The place I am introducing 3 times a week. 4 times would open at other location. I visited here about 10 times, It is the video of my ten time visiting summary with English subtitle.

Krabi local market

How to go & location

It’s about 2 kilometres from the beach from the down town. so it’s not too far. If you look at the map of Krabi city below, the red area below is the beach. There is a road at the bottom of the beach, just follow the main road. There are the many shops along the beach, and many people choose to stay in the red box area. So, it’s about 1km, and it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to walk. It’s a bit far from the city, so it took about 15 minutes to get there. If you’re outside the city, the distance will be closer. . If you feel the distance is a bit far, you can take a taxi, Grab or Tuk Tuk (converted motorcycle). I think it usually costs about 100 baht or about $3 USD. Most tourists come from the city. On Google Maps, search for “Ao nang local market”.

Krabi local market location

Food price

When I first came to this place, I didn’t have high expectations, but when I walked in, I was surprised to see how big it was and how many kinds of food it had. Because it is in the south, it has beautiful mountains and clear waters and rich nature products. I think this is reflected in it. Various ingredients from the sea, mountains, and sky are sold as food. The price is about 50% or 60% of that in the city centre. Interestingly, there is no refrigerator in the store. The food are made and sold on the same day. What’s even more interesting is that half of them are selling vegetables, and the other half are selling meat, fish, vegetables and other ingredients. Meat, fish and vegetables are very cheap. The vegetable shop uses cheap ingredients from this market to prepare food. It is a system with a virtuous cycle. . So the food is fresh, delicious and cheap. The numbers in the picture are prices. 1 USD = 35 Baht

Krabi local market food price

Open time

This Krabi local market is open 3 times a week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Opening hours are generally from 1:30 pm to 7:00 pm. It gets very busy starting from 6pm, there are many people, and there will be queues at famous stores. Therefore, I recommend getting here around 5 pm. There is also a supermarket market nearby called “Macro food service’. Alcohol and various good are sold here at low prices. The market only has no pork dishes. Because most of the shops are run by Muslims. Therefore, the Buddhist shop next to it also does not sell pork. But There are many chicken dishes. On other days, It is opened other place which is a little far. But You can go by grab or taxi. The fruit price in the picture below is based on 1kg.

Krabi local market fruit price

Krabi local market or night market?

I visited to the 2 places. More many Krabi travellers would visit to the Krabi night market. Because It is more popular. The night market food kinds are more various but more expensive. The Krabi night market food price usually start from 50 BTH (around Usd $1.5), The Krabi local market food price start from 10 BTH. There are more sea foods in the night market. Location also easier to approcach from Ao Nang downstreet. There are many car (TAxi, tuk tuk grab, grab moto bike etc).

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Krabi local market would be nice choice for travllers who like to experience local various cusions.