Krabi kayaking tour, price, how to book, discount travel agengy

Krabi kayaking tour is one of the popular actives. I done it a few days ago with 13 travlers as like the youtube video. I like to share the useful inforamtion & experience of it. We all satisfied with it.

how to go Thailand Krabi <> Malaysia langkawi by ferry & bus

Krabi Kayaking tour

If the problem you encounter here is, what to do. It seems that there are many travel activities, which one should I choose? Today I will introduce you and recommend kayaking trips. Here’s what I’ve been involved in on this tour. I was a hostel in Krabi with a lot of European backpackers, going with about 15 people. This is the video of kayaking I did with krabi traveles.

Krabi kayaking tour price

There are two types of tourism in this tour. One is what I recommend to play on the lake of the jungle. The other is to enjoy the islands and mangrove forests in the sea. What I recommend is that it is more relaxed and has a good price-performance ratio. The price of this tour is THB 600 equal to about 22 US dollars. It is very reasonable price Krabi tour comparing other tours price. Because most of the other tourism activities which needs to buy the national natural environmental protection ticekt. So the most famous tour of 4 islands, 7 islands’ price are over 1000Thb, about USD $40.
So, This Krabi kayaking tour is very reasonable price excursion with high rating.

Krabi kayaking tour

How to Krabi tour

Here travelers would book a ticket on the downtown street. There are many travel agencies on the downtown street, so you can find very easily. You also can book a ticket on line. but usually people go to the here tour agency. Even there are offical price to the each tours, you could get cheaper price during the low season. But during the peak season, it is not easy to negotiate price with a tour agencies in Krabi.

(Krabi Ao Nang downtown street)

Krabi Ao nang street downtown

Krabi kayaking tour discount tour agency

This below tour agency named Krabi Ao Nang newborn tour would give 10-20% discount to each tours except December. Because I visited there and tell here manage to introduce & recommend her company and she agreed that she would over discount price. I would share her company google map addtess. December is the most busy season, she said she could not give discount price during December.

Google map address:

Krabi kayaking tour agency

Krabi tour agency manager.

Krabi tour agency manager

Krabi traveling useful info

Nice local restaurants – I like to recommend 3 here local restaurants, first one is chicken legs noodle, second is coconut cake and third one is tum yam goong noodle. Price is reasonable and you could experience nice local food there.

Krabi E sim card discount site : here below is e sim card dscount site (10~15%) First Purchasing 15% discount From second purchasing 10% discount.

travel esim discount

Krabi kayaking tour was very nice tour for family also, I recommend you try it, no miss it!