Krabi Hot spring, emerald, blue pool, how to go, ticket, open time

Krabi Hot Springs, Emerald Pool, and Blue Pool are representative local tourist attractions. At the first tiem, I wasn’t really interested because it was so famous, But now I like to tell you, these are places you must go!

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Krabi Hot spring, emerald, blue pool

here are many other places worth visiting in Krabi, but these are probably the most famous. And, after visiting both places, I feel like I would really regret it if I didn’t come. It allowed me to experience beautiful nature that I had never experienced before. The video below summarizes the journey. Originally, I just went to see the Emerald Pool, but the foreign lady who traveled with me frequently told me about the existence of the Blue Pool. The main purpose of her trip was to see the Blue Pool. The film has Chinese, Japanese, English, and Korean subtitles.

Krabi hot spring, emerald, blue pool trip

Krabi hot spring

Krabi Hot Springs is about an hour’s drive from the city. It seems that the farther away from humans and the more inconvenient transportation is, the less damage nature suffers and retains its original appearance. The more accessible a place is, the more people visit and see the natural beauty being depleted. In this regard, I think an hour’s drive from the city is not that far. . I also doubt that nature can be properly protected at such short distances. After I arrived, I realized that the government’s protection of nature was okay. The water in the hot spring is very clean, and the entire nature is well protected. The water temperature is exactly 30-40 degrees. And because it is the off-season, there are fewer people, which is okay. But other surrounding forests have been destroyed by coconuts.

Krabi Hot spring

Krabi Hot spring swimming pool

If you look at the video, Krabi Hot Springs is a bit small. The natural hot springs are not that big. I thought that with the hordes of tourists coming during the peak season, it would quickly fill up and turn into a public bathhouse with not enough space to go in. So, as you walk down, there is a swimming pool. This is a swimming pool formed by drawing water from hot springs. You can swim here if there are many people. I stayed here for about an hour.

Krabi Hot spring swimmi

Krabi Emerald Pool

Krabi Emerald Pool is located near the hot springs. The drive takes less than ten minutes. Therefore, many people choose two places to start. Emerald’s nickname comes from the water that appears to take on this colour. The water above gathers to form a large pool for swimming. There are fish floating next to it. There are many people, and the fish are around the corner. There were too many people, so I didn’t see many fish. So, I deliberately avoided the fish without stressing them out. I hope they will always be here. But now the environment is very unfavourable for fishing.

Krabi Emerald pool

Krabi Blue Pool

It takes about 20 minutes to walk upstream from the Emerald Pool to the Blue Pool. I was told that entry to the Blue Pool was prohibited during this time, so some people did not take the tour. However, this is incorrect information on the Internet. We got accurate information through travel agencies. I recently learned that Bit Pool is currently open. There is also a blue swimming pool in Langkawi, Malaysia, but I don’t think it can compare with this one. This is the first time I have seen such a beautiful blue pool. What a beautiful nature pool!

Krabi Blue pool

Krabi Hot spring, Emerald Pool, Blue Pool, ticket price, location, opening time

Krabi hot springs are 200BTH for everyone. Ticket prices for Emerald Pool and Blue Pool are 400BTH for adults and 200BTH for children. The ticket price is a bit expensive. But I think the ticket is an environmental protection fee. If you calculate it this way, it won’t feel expensive. I paid them as a donation for nature protection This location is about an hour’s drive from the bustling street, please refer to the map. After visiting both places, some tourists went to visit the tiger cave temple.

Krabi Hot spring, Emerald Pool, Blue Pool, location map

The popular trip place ” tiger cave templ”, also you must go

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I hope this guide to Krabi Hot Springs, Emerald Pool, and Blue Pool will be helpful to you.