Krabi ferry to Koh phiphi, how to book, price, time schedule

Krabi ferry to Koh phiphi has two ways. one is from Ao nang ferry terminal, the other way is at Lairay island. Most of travelers are using the first way.

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Krabi ferry to Koh phiphi

There are two main types. There is a way to get there by private speedboat, but the more popular way is by ferry,The journey from Krabi to Phi Phi Island was still very beautiful. Most ferry passengers spend most of their time enjoying the beautiful sea and islands rather than sitting in the cool and comfortable indoor seats. This YouTube video covers the entire process from hotel pick-up to arrival. I think it will be a good reference for your trip to Phi Phi Island, so I share it with you. The video has Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean subtitles.

Krabi ferry to Koh phiphi island

Krabi ferry to Koh phiphi, how to book, price

Going to Krabi Ferry Terminal to buy tickets or make reservations is not easy for ordinary tourists. Because the public transportation here is inconvenient, and the Grab, Taxi fee is expensive. Therefore, in Krabi, most people book their ferry tickets to Phi Phi Island through travel agencies. I stayed there for about a month, and it took me about 20 days to really get familiar with the bus. The bus stop is also hard to find. The reason I gave up using the Krabi bus was because it was difficult to know the operating hours. This is why most travellers book their ferry to Phi Phi Island one day in advance through a Krabi travel agency. The ferry fare is 450 to 500 baht. In US dollars, the ticket price is about 15 to 17 US dollars. They drive to pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to the ferry terminal safely and smoothly. So most travellers buy ferry tickets to Phi Phi Island from Krabi travel agencies because this service is inexpensive, safe, and convenient.

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Krabi agency transportat
Pick up van of Krabi ferry to Koh phiphi

Krabi ferry to Koh phiphi time schedule

Only once a day. Departing from Krabi Island and Phi Phi Island, there are two stations. General passengers usually depart from the Ao nang ferry port. The information below is the timetable of the ticket window that I took in this port. Travel agencies usually send passengers to the port around 9 o’clock. Travellers to Railay Island in Krabi depart from the island. It takes about 2 hours to get to Phi Phi Island from Krabi.

Krabi ferry to Koh phiphi time schedule

Phi Phi Island Information

I stayed in Phi Phi Island for 5 nights. I took this trip because Maya Bay is famous in the movie “The Beach” starring DiCaprio. This is a one-day tour that departs at 10 a.m. and returns around 7 p.m. The price is about US$55 per person. The trip was well worth it. Lunch is provided on this tour. The only thing to watch out for is the weather. Tour reservations usually need to be made one day in advance. When I go on a trip, you check the weather the day before as well. If there is more precipitation tomorrow and the possibility of rain is heavy, it is best to postpone it to the next day. The weather was bad when I went, so I couldn’t visit a few tourist routes. Still, the trip itself was fun. Details about the tour of Phi Phi Island will be shared soon. This itinerary is a representative itinerary of Phi Phi Island and is called “Phi Phi Island One-day Tour”

Koh phiphi island tour weather
Check well tomorrow weather for tour in phiphi

Where to go to Phi Phi Island

The most hot spot for visiting of phi phi is called “View point” . Here photos have been featured as a wonderful photo many times overseas. This is a place frequented by tourists. I’ve been here twice. The second visit was to watch the sunset on Phi Phi Island. This also failed. Because it was the rainy season, the weather was not good. However, I was very satisfied to see the beautiful scenery. . Krabi Travel Agency Location Google Map in the Youtube video

Koh phiphi island view point

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Krabi ferry to Koh phiphi journey was my good trip memory. it was safe and very convenient.