Krabi 4 islands tour video, price, how to book, travel agency info

Krabi four islands tour is one famous tours. Usually, Seven islands, Four islands and Hong island hour are popular hopping tours in Krabi. When I first arrived here, the most difficult thing was what tour I should do?

Krabi night market info, food, price, how to go, recommend you!

Krabi 4 islands tour video

So far, I have joined three types of Krabi tours, and visited three famous spots recommended by local travel agencies and I was satisfied with them. This video shows you the whole process of this tour from start to the end of sending the guests to their hotel. It would be helpful for you to choose the Krabi island hopping tour among of several ones. There are routes, each island information and the time schedule.

Krabi four islands tour video

Krabi 4 islands tour Price

There are two main ways to book a tour of Krabi. The most common way is to book a tour through a local travel agent. in the downtown. Sometimes you can book a tour of Krabi on the web. The advantage of booking with a travel agency is that you can get useful, variouls kinds of travel information. Initially, I was only going to go on one trip to Krabi Island and asked my travel agency to recommend a tour. The travel agency introduced Hong Island tour. I was very satisfied with this tour. And I asked her to recommend one hopping tour again between 7 & 4 islands tours. She recommended me the four islands tour. It was also a nice tour. The tour price in Krabi is depending on the season. In the high season, the travel agencies would get the price to the official price, but during the low season, some agencies would do discount of it. I joined this tour during the low season in October. The price would be usually 1200 ~ 15oo BTH ( about USD $45 ~$55).

Krabi most famous travel spot “Tiger cave temple” you must visit

Krabi 4 islands tour

Krabi 4 islands tour, how to book

There are 2 ways to book Krabi tours. One is from local travel agency, another one is from the internet. As I already told you above, I prefer it from local travel agencies. You could get many useful travelling info, where to go, where to eat, what buy etc according to your situation and you can check what you like to know about the tour or tour places. In Krabi down town or Ao nang, you could find many travel agencies on the street. I like you recommend the Krabi travel agency I booked at the next.

Krabi Hong island detail info

Krabi 4 islands tour snorkeling

Krabi travel agency info

I spent over 30 days and visited a few travel agencies. Among of them, She was most kind and give me detail tour and travel places info. So I did all tour booking & transportation booking also to this agency. In the beginning, I only asked the price and info about tour and travel spots. She was always kind. The contact info is in the video of late part. I share the google map address here. She is also managing small hotel

Google map address: Ao Nang newborn tour.

Krabi travel agency

Hong Islands tour & 4 Islands tour

I did both tours. If you want do only one hopping island tour, I like to recommend you the Hong island tour. Even Among of 3 island hopping tours ( 7, 4 hong) is the most expensive one. It is more far away. It would take about 40 minutes to arrive to the first sport. 4 hours tour would take about 20 minutes to arrive. Hong island tour would show u amazing beautiful island beach and nature view. But If you like to enjoy clean seawater, 4 islands tour would be good choice for you. I would share the info of Hong island tour for you to compare up to your situation & taste.

( Hong island tour beach)

Krabi Hong island tour

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Actually, I like to recommend you to do both tours. First 4 islands and then Hong island tour.