Kota Kinabalu weather, wearing, rainy, dry season, monthly climates

Kota Kinabalu weather features a summer weather during a year, but the humidity is not higher than you might think, so it is a comfortable in the morning and evening. I tell you about the monthly climate, traveling wearing & traveling tips.

Kota Kinabalu weather Features

I like to explain the climate & weather features here with 3 points as like below
1) The temperature is almost the same in the whole year
2) Seldom happened a big nature disasters
3) Humidity is a little lower than the West Malaysia, So it is a more comfortable in the early morning & night

Kota- Kinavbalu-weather-day
Kota Kinavalu Sunday Market Afternoon Weather

Kota Kinavalu Climate Video

It is an about 3 minutes video to explain the monthly climates (temperature, humidity, precipitation) and is shared. This video will help beginners and second visitors understand the climate, with its famous travel courses and city views. It has 4 language subtitles of KR, EN, JP, CH.

Kota Kinavalu Weather, Travel Dress, Local Views

Kota Kinabalu Temperature

The temperature of Kota Kinabalu is between 31 and 33 degrees Celsius per month, and the lowest temperature is 23 to 24 degrees Celsius. The records below are an average of 10 years of data from 2005 to 2015. Mornings and evenings are less hot, afternoon, midday are very hot. Therefore, I suggest that you are better to have a tour time and do walking around is over 5 Pm.

Kota Kinabalu rainy season, precipitation

The weather in Kota Kinabalu is similar throughout the year. So, local people largely divided a year into two seasons as like a rainy season & dry season.
Even in the rainy season, there is not as much heavy rain, comparing with other Southeast Asia countries. But the rainy term is a little long. You can see below data from Jun to Nov. These terms normally is rainy one. Kota Kinabalu would rain in a short time and disappear. It would rain only 10 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour, seldom over 2 hours. It also rains some place partly.

KotaKinavalu Rainy Dry

Above temperatures and kotakinavalu weather

As you can see from the precipitation graph above, locals people usually says from June or July to November or Dec is the rainy season, and the rest of the period is dry season.
Because of mass pollution, South east coutries rainy & dry season getting become uncertain. We should make less waste.

K Kota Kinavalu Climate

Days of rain

Below is the average number of a average days’ data. When you go to Southeast Asia, the hot sun during the day. It would rain in the midnight or very early morning in a short time. Here rain is not so much heavy. So the rain would not influence tour plans usually. The green nature need much weather. So it is not many rainy days for Jungle & wild animal

Kota Kinavalu B. Information (below is about Seoul)

Kota Kinavalu Humidity

The humidity here is about 75% lower than in Korea summer and 80% in Korea. From the humidity data, the average humidity is about 75%. Usually in Asia, the Summer humidity average is about 80%. Kota Kinabalu is less hot than Hong Kong, Taiwan summer season for lower humidity. From the humidity data, you can compare it with Korea humidity about 80%.

Kota Kinavalu Humidity
Kota Kinavalu Humidity

Kota Kinabalu Travel wearing

If you want to dress up for a trip to Kota Kinabalu, please prepare summer style clothes for a traveling. There are many sea activities, so, For woman, wearing thin one-piece skirt is recommended. Inside, you can wear a swimming suit.
In the night, Sometimes you could fell a little chilly. So I like you to bring a long shirt. During the tour in rain, also people would feel chilly in a rain.


Kota Kinabalu UV Index

Kota Kinabalu UV Index monthly average is about 7-7.5. But the Uv index in day would be 9~11. As you have a senstive skin, you must prepare sun cream or prepare a long shirt to cover your shoulders.


Kota Kinabalu traveling tirp for Transportaion

The best transportation here is Grab which is developed well. You can find a grab car at Airport. It is cheaper & more kind than taxi. It is Kota Kinabal grab info video with EN, CH, KR, JP subtitles.


Kota Kinavalu weather is nice, I suppose. Because there is very rare typhoon, big flood and I never experience it during 1 year.
Thai Chiang Mai, Vietnam Da Nang are a little chilly during Jan, Feb. But here is always keep same season. So I like it.