Korea self quarantine relief fund & guide

Korea self quarantine term is 10 days to foreigner residents & abroad visitors. To foreign residents with ARC or illegal stay, Korea government provide relief fund from about 1.45 million won to 0.45 million. won

The info of how to get Covid19 vaccination

Korea self quarantine relief fund for Foeigners

The foreigners with ARC card & working in Korea company could get the relief fund by paid leave. It is 0.13 million per a day. You cound ask boss to apply it to NPS( National Pension Serivce) . The National Pension Service would compensate for it. The contact information of NPS is to refer the below linked

Korea Self-isolation & Self quarantine contact number of Website


The foreigners with ARC with No job of relief fund

The fund range is from appromately 0.45 million won to 1.45 million
The fund range is up to the number of people living with you. But they should be registered on the adress of your staying.
The illegar allien also could get it. But the fund is total about 0.45 million won per a person.

Korea Self Quarantine relife fund notification for foreigners without job

How to get it?

After the term of it, You should go to the community service center. The document you should prepare is the apply form, your own bank account or abroad bank account ( illegal immigrant) & you ID card or Pass port (Illegal immigrant). The case of illegal immigrant is better to find a Korean representive.
For the details, you cound contact to the Ministry of Health and Welfare info desk or a country office.


The punishment for violation of the rules of it

If you leave the designated quarantine area, you would get the wrist digital band and could be treated as a less 1 year or 10 miilion won.

The self quarantine guide

There are 2 kind of guide for living alone or living with family. The guide line rule are almost same. The local office would provide food and garbage plastic bag. For the details, please see the below.


Covid-19 Free Taxi

It is free taxi for foreign visitors staying in self-isolation to go to the public health center. For the detail, see the below