Korea quarantine exemption policy start on 21 March, 1 April

Korea quarantine exemption of the visitors to Korea is going to start on 21 March was announced by “Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters on 11 March. Let’s check what you should know as a visitor.

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Korea quarantine exemption policy on 21 March & 1 April 2022

The government noticed 2 dates. for quarantine exemption One is 22 March for Korea people & foreigners, who have registered the Covid19 vaccination record on the Coov server(Korea covid19 vaccination system), Another one is 1 April for the Korean & foreigners, who has not register the vaccination record in the Korea system.

Korea-quarantine-exemption-policy noticed on 11 March

1 Covid-19 PCR

– 48 hours before the departure date 00:00. Ex) Your departure time of plane on 22 May, The PCR Negative certification should be later than 00:00 20 May
– Approved Covid 19 test certification ( RT-PCR, NEAR, TMA, LAMP) in English or Korean. Other languages covid19 test certification should be notarized in English.

– It should include ” Name, Birth date, Test way, Test result ” negative” , Issued date & place

– The person who has recovered from Covid19 in 40days with the medical certification in English, who do not need the Covid19 test

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2 The fully vaccinated visitor only

– This quarantine exemption is only for the full vaccinated people by below vaccines which approved by WHO
– The not fully vaccinated visitor should have 7 days quarantine staying. Short term visa less than 90days should stay in the Quarantine (Cost about 120,000/Day with 3 meals. Long term visa visitors could do self quarantine at the qualified places.
– The Covid19 vaccine should be certificated by WHO


New entering quarantine system

It is called “Quarantine Information Advance input System”. The visitors to Korea should use this system before arriving to the Korea Airport. You need to input your Passport information(name, issued date, Pass port number etc) and upload your PCR test certification & Vaccination certification file (I guess the file size should not be over 2MB/each). Af

New entering system homepage

The registering system is so easy and fast and there is also very detail guide line in the website. After the completion, you could get the QR code, After arrival, you do not need showing the PCR, Vaccination, only need to scan your QR code and Pass.

Korea entering Quarantine system
Korea entering Quarantine system


From 21 March, Any Public transportation is available. You could chose the express bus( Start from 5,000 Krw), Subway (from 1300KRW). The below is the Korea Incheon airport quarantine entry process listed on 10 March

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Korea quarantine entry airport process
Korea quarantine entry airport process

Korea Visa matter

It is not the very detail guide line. I suppose the Government would release the more detail guide manual including Visa matter.