Korea international school student’s tour, very educational!

Looking at the schedule of the Korea International School student travel tour, it seems that a lot of consideration was given to children to have meaningful memories and educational meanings by experiencing eco-friendly education and history more closely. Let’s take a look.

Korean international school student’s tour for Jumunjin, Sokcho (5days and 4nights)

Participants: 50 students (12-14 years old), 5 teachers, 3 instructor guides.
The Purpose of travel
1) Students form a team. And they turn the trash dumped in the city into a great creation. Through these program activities, they realize the importance of nature and the seriousness of environmental pollution.
2) Experience the beauty of Korean nature through Seoraksan National Park and Korean culture in the city of Sokcho.
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The 4N5D schedule of Jumunjin, Sokcho

First day: morning departure> After 2-3 hours, arrival at Hajodae beach> Lunch> Accommodation > prepare for the tomorrow recycling program project
.Day 2-Day 3: At the “Re Do” Environmental Recycling Center, The students have a team and handles the recycle project with disable materials in a city. Through a communication among teammates, they would try to make some creative & useful works with disable materials from a city. On the evening of the 3rd day, they share meaning and opinions on the completed reproduction work to people

Day 4: .Seoraksan National Park: Shinhyeongsa Temple> Waterfall Train> Seoraksan Cable Car (normal)> Lunch> Sokcho Gaetboat, Abai> Sokcho Lighthouse> Sokcho Fish Market> Return to the accommodation: Discuss what you learned through the program and what you felt Day 5: Eat breakfast, come back. Thinking about what you’ve learned in the meantime and how to use it in your life


Korea International School Student Tour Course Gimhae Farm, Temple Stay -2

Participants: 19 students (14-16 years old), 5 teachers, 1 adventure leader
First day: Gathering in the morning to Busan> Songdo Marine Cable> > Moving to Gimhae Farm in the evening. The adventure will explain the tomorrow plan
2nd days: (Supports agricultural work such as planting, pruning or harvesting crops and irrigation of fields.
-Supports maintenance of hydroponic greenhouse. -Prepare yourself for healthy, safe and sustainable meals using farm-grown ingredients. . Participate in seminars, discuss, and ask questions on how to realize various species of nature through safe and sustainable organic cultivation
Day 3 Participate in volunteer activities and present your opinions on sustainable agriculture in the natural environment to all
Day 4 : After breakfast> Bulguksa Temple> Golgulsa Temple Stay
Day 5 (Breakfast, Lunch): After morning training> Return to Seoul


The Purpose of tour

1) By directly participating in volunteer organic farming, you can experience becoming closer to nature and learn the value of each and every life of natural objects, not the nature of the objects you eat. To understand the sustainable and coexisting agricultural cultivation without destroying nature. 2) Through the temple stay, Korea international school students lean how to do meditation & Korea Buddhism.

The 2N3D tour of Gongju

1st day: In the morning gathering and move to (-Magoksa Temple (Gimgu Meditation Path)-Gongju Hanok Village
Day 2:: Gongju Hanok Village-Park Dongjin Pansori Museum- >Gongju Seokjang-ri Museum (the first Paleolithic site excavation site on the Korean Peninsula)-Gyeryongsan Pottery Village.

Day 3: Songsan-ri Ancient Tombs (Tomb of King Muryeong, tomb of King Muryeong in Baekje 1500 years ago >Hanok village > Gongsanseong (Visitor and walk in Baekje Royal Castle available / English commentary reservation available
The Purpose of this tour: Experience the Korean Baekje culture & Korea the beautiful nature. To provide an opportunity for children to discover the charms of Korea.


Hope this information to understand more Korea international school’s culture.
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