Korea Gopchang alley in Seoul about Price, menu, food , history info

Korea Gopchang is one of Korea’s representative soul foods. There is a famous gopchang alley in Jongno 5-ga, Seoul. I will also introduce a gopchang restaurant with a history of over 40 years, price, menu and taste etc.

  • About Korea Gopchang food & history
  • How to go Seoul Jongro 5ga gopchang alley
  • The Video of Korea soul food Gopchang alley video
  • Seoul Gopchang alley view
  • Korea soul food street hidden inside
  • Atmosphere of restaurant of it
  • Over 40 years history Korea Gopchang restaurant
  • Price & taste of it

About Korea Gopchang food & history

It is a dish made from small intestines of cows or pigs. It is mainly cooked at food stalls or restaurants specializing in giblets, and there are foods such as stir-fried giblets and giblets hotpot. It has 141 kilocalories of energy in 1 small dish (100 grams).[1] It contains iron and vitamins and is a food that many Koreans visit because of its unique texture. It is a Korea soul food which low class would enjoy eating in the past. Rich people would eat meat but no intestines. From the old Korea cook history book, It started from the ChoSun dynasty about 4-500 years ago. Before the Chosun dynasty, It was the the Buddhism country.


How to go Seoul Jongro 5ga gopchang alley

It is located at the downtown in Seoul. It would take less 5 minutes walking from Jong-no-5 Subway station. This is the pic of exit Gopchang street. I would leave the google map address below. I like you suggest going there by Subway.

The Location Seoul Gopchang alley


The Video of Korea soul food of Seoul Gopchang alley video

In jongno, there are many Korea soul food streets or alleys. The downtown worker or walking around there, would go there to enjoy it with Soju of Korea alcohol. This video is about Seoul this food street atmosphere. It would be a good informative one for traveling there. It was under Covid-19 quarantine distance, therefore were no many guests in this video. This video has EN, JP, CH, KR subtitles.

Seoul Gopchang alley view

This is the view of the center in this alley. It was about 7 pm on Friday. Here about 10 gopchang restaurants are doing a business. You may be hard to make a decision which one you should eat ^^

Korea soul food street hidden inside

It is not easy for strangers or travelers to find a Korea soul food alley or street. Because there are usually inside.
Seoul Gophang street has 2 alleys. This is the alley where we ate.4-5 restaurants are running. The name Chang restaurant I am introducing is “더우리 곱창 (Thewoori gopchang)


Atmosphere of Korea Gopchang restaurant

This restaurant has a second floor. Even under the Covid-19 situation, no small number of people visited here. Up is ground, Down is second floor. Various kind of guest would come as like a young couple, a little old man, or women etc


Over 40 years history Korea restaurant

This Korea gopchang restaurant was established in 1979. It is said They would use vegitables directly delivered from the farm., only use the hot source made in Korea, remove the bad smell with oriental herb. if you visit to this restaurant before 5pm, you would get fried egg for free

Korea-Gopchang-restaurant-over 40years

Price & taste

In this time, We 3 people visited and order 3 person dishes as like one dish of salt one (10000Krw), Vegetable one dish (10000Krw), Salt makchang one dish (13000Kw). If you like eating hot food with vegetable, Vegetable one would be good choice( 야채곱창). The taste is good, and you felt the unique texture. 1USD= about 1140 KRW


Korea Gopchang is one of Korea soul food to worth trying, I suppose. and I suggest you would try it with Korea alcohol “Soju” ^^.
Seoul nice walk trail “Seatgang ecological park”