Korea covid19 vaccine reservation guide & cases situation

Korea Covid19 vaccine are free for foreigners. It does not matter that having ARC, health insurance or not. here is the information how to reserve it. In addition, have a look the current Covid19 cases situation.

Korea vaccine on line reservation & public health center info

Korea Covid19 vaccine reservation for Foreigners

Eligible recipients: Koreans and foreign nationals aged 18 to 49*(i.e., those who were born between Jan. 1,
1972 and Dec. 31, 2003)

  • Short-term travelers staying in Korea for no longer than 90 days are exempted and those previously prioritized for vaccination
    (e.g. essential and high-risk facility workers) are not applicable.
    о How to get vaccinated: Make a reservation at a vaccination center of your choice for a date of your choice or on the internet site
    о Vaccine for administration: Pfizer or Moderna (i.e. mRNA COVID-19 vaccine)
    о Vaccination center: Designated health facilities or vaccination centers.
Vaccination guide for foreign nationals in Korea
Vaccination guide for foreign nationals in Korea

There are two ways of it by interent or phone call
1) Internet
It is the first page. There are 2 choices. One is for first shoot. As the first shot date is done, the second shot date would be booked automatically. The other one is for boosting shot.

Korea covid19 vaccination reservation site
Korea covid19 vaccination reservation site

You should verify your Identity by your own Korea phone number or anyone’s phone number who help you reserve it.

Korea vaccination precedure
Korea vaccine precedure

Input the name, nationality, birth year & date etc.

Korea covid19 vaccination booking
Korea covid19 vaccine booking

In the yellow box, You should input the information of person who book it. Below the red box, you should input the information of the person who get the vaccination. Any Korean can help a foreigner to reserve it and input his info in the yellow box.

Korea vaccination internet reservation
Korea vaccine internet reservation

The vaccine Reservation by phone call

The foreigners with ARC (Alien Registration Card) can book it by phone. The phone number is 1339. But you shold can speak Korea. It is better to ask any Korean help you. But the Foreign nationals without ARC (illegal residents) can not book their vaccine via online or telephone. This group of people can book their vaccine with a temporary code, which can be obtained by presenting their passport at their local healthcare center. Refer to the above linked info

Reserve vaccine via phone in korea
Reserve vaccine via phone in korea

The benefit for illegal foreign residents

Your identity & illegal stay history will not be relayed to Immigration authorities as mandated by relevant law. Personal information will solely be used for vaccination purpose only. If you wish to receive guides on vaccine booking, you must visit your local immigration office.

Korea covid19 vaccine reservation mobile app

If you enter “질병청” in Google Store and search, you will see the “질병관리청 예방접종도우미” app, and if you install it and click on the picture, the location below, the application will be made in the same order as above. The procedure of Korea covid19 vaccination reserve is the same as the internet site

Korea covid19 vaccine app
Korea covid19 vaccine app

Korea Covid19 cases situation

With covid19 was started in November in Korea. After that, the covid19 cases has been increasing quickly.
nowadays, the average number of it is about 7k. Total number of confirmed cases 583,000 and accumulated death is 4906.

Korea covid19 cases current situation
Korea covid19 cases current situation