Korea Covid 19 vaccination, how to register, get, process, where take place

Korea Covid 19 vaccination reservation started on 6th May 2021. Here is the information about “eligibility, what info should be provided, what process etc.”

  1. Korea Covid 19 vaccination register Eligibility
  2. The Process of getting Korea Corona vaccination online
  3. Korea Covid 19 vaccination register form -1,2
  4. Korea Corona vaccination mobile application
  5. Closing

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Korea Covid 19 vaccination registration Eligibility

The foreigners with less than 90days visa can not get the Korea vaccination aid. The foreign nationals with long term or permanent residence visas that allow them to stay in South Korea for over 90 days are available.


The Process of getting Korea Corona vaccination online

As you click the booking(예약하기) above, The 3 ways of booking would display on the pages. You are better to chose online to get Korea vaccination ” online register”.


After the choice of online register, there are 2 choices. One is for you, Another is you could register for others as a proxy. But both should need ARC(Alien Registration Card) information. The REd boxy “예약 조회/취소” means Checking my registration/Cancel booking.


Korea Covid 19 vaccination register form -1

If you are an elderly person, make your own reservation. According to the form below, you will be authenticated with your mobile phone, search for a medical institution, select a reservation date and time, press the booking button, you will receive a reservation completion message, your mobile phone, and a confirmation message will be sent back. If you would like to view your reservation confirmation and cancel your reservation, please click on the “Reservation Inquiry/Cancellation” box in the red box above, and after authentication, you can process it. Before booking, please think well enough about the date and time.


Korea Corona vaccination register by proxy

In the case of proxy reservations, instead of identity verification, you will be certified as a reservation person and fill in the information of the person receiving the vaccination. No much difference between of both forms


How to find the hospital nearby

의료기관전체 means All available hospitals

1 You should choose the city you stay > Town > home villiage

2 You choose the hospital you want

3) You choose the day & time you want


Korea corona vaccination register by mobile application

  1. Serach “질병관리청” (Disease Control Agency) in app store and installed
  2. Click the “질별관리청” home page
  3. Do as like pic 3
  4. And click the “예방접종 예약하기” (Booking Corona vaccination”
  5. Further process is same as above.

The Covid 19 vaccination register site


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Dung this one month, It is Covid 19 vaccination for Seniors. After that, It would start for younger generation and the process would be as above. The Corona vaccination for foreigners in Korea is free.

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