Korea Covid19 cases, test, Vaccine pass, quarantine info

Korea Covid19 cases are getting high nowdays under the “With covid19 life” quarantine policy . KDCA(Korea disease control & prevention agency) is streghten the quarantine level.

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Korea Covid19 casess in recent

About 10 days ago, the KDCA raised up the “social distance” level which the shop with alchol should close until 21:00 and restaurants keep running until 22:00. But the Covid19 cases are growing up so faster than the expectation of the medical experts.
The Omicron variant is being the prevailing species replacing the “delta virous”. Recently Japan cases reached to about 80K.
unfortunately, here has the biggest holidays “29 Jan ~ 2 Feb” lunuar new year when many people would move to their hometown & meet people for celebrating. The rating would be higher.

Korea Current Covid19 all statics


Korea Covid19 statics graph of daily case & test

It is the daily covid19 cases & test graph since 20 Feb 2020. The test is mainly the PCR test. But In recent, KDCA said the rapid diagnostic test kit will be used amid the surge situation. From the testing data, the postive rate is 4.5%. It is not low rating.
Covid19 testing is free for foreigners with PassPort or foreigner registerd card number, at the Public health centers, including
Illegar residents.


Vacccination & death rate

The main Covid19 vaccines are AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Modena in Korea. The Goverment is urging people to get booster shot to decrease the severe and dead cases. long term visitor over 90days staying, all foreigners is free for it, even to Illegal foreign residents without any law punishment & no trecking record. how to get the vaccination, please refer to the below link

How foreigners to get Covid19 vaccination in Korea


Korea vaccine pass Policy

In order to use restaurants or public facilites, you shoud show the QR code of vaccine App named Coov. The Covid19 vaccine which WHO approved are avaliable (EX: AZ, Pfizer, Modena, Janssen, BBIBP, Nasal etc…..). For the vaccination QR code, foreigners should visit to the health center with the certificae of Covid19 vaccine Appication. After registering, foreigners could use the Coov App of vaccine QR code. Korea Covid19 vaccine application name is Coov. You could download in the app store, searching “Coov” which support 2 lanauages Korean & English.


“Social distance” Quarantine policy

  1. Social meeting in the coffee shop or restaurant limited 6 people who all vaccinated. But one person alone unvaccinate also is avalible.
  2. The group of number for activites is limited to 50 person (Vaccinated or unvaccinated), If all vaccinated, the limitation of number is to 299 person.

Recent important Immigrantion info for travlers

1 Most of foreigners should have 7 mandatory quarantine days, since 4 Feb 2022, in the facilites designated by the goverment cost about USD $100 including 3 meals per a day.

2 Summit a PCR negative test result(Print. RT-PCR, Lamp, TMA, SDA, NEAR, etc ) tested with 48 hours prior to departure date.

3 Negative test results are valid for 48 hours, expiring at midnight on the 2nd day. For the detail quarantine entry check the linked at the bottom.


Transportation of Airport for visitors ( Korea nationality or have relatives, long term visa(over 90days), etc)

To prevent the spread of Covid19 virus, the visitors of the airport could use the quarantine transportation only. It is highly recommened travlers to use their residence or accommodaton by car. These transportation ways are for the Korea nationalty, Holding card of ABTC/APEC, the self-quarantine exemption (Ex: business trip, Academy visiting for public benefit, visiting relatives funeral )


The site for the details of Transportaion, quarantine entery, covid19 test, vaccination booking etc.

The Korea covid19 info sites (immigation , Airport quarantine, vaccination guide, traveling etc)