Indonesia Covid-19 situation, entry, vaccine passport

Indonesia Covid-19 current situation is the worst among Southeast Asian countries. When I did a Covid19-related research on 10 countries, it seems that the situation is bad for countries where religion has a great influence on political power and society.

Indonesia Covid-19 current situation

By the Covid-19 cases graph from the beginning to the present, you could find out the Indonesia current situation.
7days average is 5095. It is a very high number comparing with other South countries. In other to overcome this situation, the government is doing best for the Covid-19 vaccination. Korea sim card info how to buy & price


This is the video about Indonesia covid-19 how to happened, how spread in the beginning. There are EN, JP, CH subtitles.

Indonesia Covid-19 story in the beginning

Indonesia’s Covid-19 cases so far

I check the data published at the site of Indonesia government today. The Covid-19 cumulative number of confirmed cases is 1,547,376, Death is 42064. The death rate is over 2%. It is a little high. The death of Korea & Japan rate is about 1.7%. Singapore’s death rate of Covid-19 is below 0.5%. This confirmed cases is the highest among the South east countries


Indonesia Vaccination

The Indonesian government has started vaccination from in the early January and aims to give a population antibody by completing the vaccination of 70% of the population by the end of December this year. However, the supply of AstraZeneca of oxford would not arrive as planned. Therefore, Indonesia government is discussing the vaccine with China to obtain the Covid-19 vaccine

Indonesia covid-19 entry requirement

Indonesia has limited the entry of all travelers who are not citizens of Indonesia, Temporary Stay Permit (ITAS) and Permanent Stay Permit (ITAP) holders, travelers with a visa provided after March 31, 2020, airline staff, diplomats, humanitarian aid workers and foreigners working on national strategic projects. Upon arrival, all travelers entering the country who are not Indonesian nationals must undergo medical screening and will be quarantined for another 14 days. They must also either submit a medical certificate issued within 7 days of arrival indicating a negative result of the COVID-19 PCR test, or be checked for COVID-19 upon arrival.

Vacccine Passport

At the 6th Subcommittee of the National Assembly, Health Minister Gudi Gunadi Sadikin said, “If you have been vaccinated, you do not have to show the results of PCR tests or antigen tests when you get on a plane or order a ticket, as long as you have a vaccine certificate. You can use it as an electronic health certificate. I can pass it immediately,” he said on the 14th.
It is the explanation of the Minister of Health that the Corona 19 vaccination certificate will be used as a’vaccine passport’. The vaccine passport is a kind of’digital certificate’ that proves that you have been vaccinated against the Corona 19 vaccine


Today I sharing the information Indonesia Covid-19 situation, etry, vaccination, vassine passport. Hope them to be helpful to you.
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